The character, an unexpected journey

I sometimes wonder if J.R.R Tolkien was as surprised by the journey of his hobbit as the hobbit was himself. Even though the original novel was not called “An unexpected journey” and this name was only later given to the first film made about the book, I think it still captures the essence of the […]

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Where the space cowboys at?

A creative concept that I totally love, is the space western. The genre makes total sense in itself, the wild west was the final frontier, the wild, the place where you had to earn a living by the sweat of your brow and the quick-draw of your six-shooter! Space, and the idea of space travel […]

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A rant about time travelling

In my opinion, most creatives are doing time travelling “wrong”. Allow me to explain: In essence, there is only two ways in which time traveling can really work: Fixed timeline time traveling This is the kind of time travel you get in the books “Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy”, or movie “Twelve monkeys”. Basically, you […]

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