Where the space cowboys at?

A creative concept that I totally love, is the space western. The genre makes total sense in itself, the wild west was the final frontier, the wild, the place where you had to earn a living by the sweat of your brow and the quick-draw of your six-shooter!

Space, and the idea of space travel and planet terraforming, is completely compatible with these wild west concepts. The two blend together in a perfect mixing pot of awesomeness. Cowboys in themselves are cool, and space rangers are cool – combine the two and you get a really cool genre: The Space Cowboy!

Herein lies my pain… why don’t we get more space cowboy entertainment and creative works? I feel like there is a severe shortage of space cowboys going around the creative world. When last did you watch a space western themed movie, or play a space western game? There aren’t a lot of them going around. I seriously hope that this genre can make a comeback and some creatives will start pouring some love into it.

A few space westerns that come to mind:

  1. Cowboy bebop
    Awesome anime series of a couple of bounty hunters.
  2. Firefly/Serenity
    A TV series/movie made by Joss Weaton awesomeness – unfortunately cut short because apparently people weren’t interested.
  3. Trigun
    A rather short but awesome anime series.
  4. Han Solo
    I know I know, this is not a movie in itself, but hey, the stereotype space-smuggler-bandit-cowboy we all love deserves a space here.
  5. Bravestarr
    Super cringe-able when you look at it now, but when I was a kid, this was rather awesome.
  6. Borderlands
    Space western video game that almost feels post-apocalyptic as well.

One thought on “Where the space cowboys at?

  1. The problem with the “cowboys & indians” thing is spelled out in the name… it makes cowboys out to be heroes and indians to be mindless savages. I think it’s because of this that the genre has taken knocks in popularity


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