Epicness in the Bible: The Mighty Men

This post forms part of my series of posts on “Epicness in the Bible“. “David’s Mighty Men” is the title used in some bibles, and it is the title I have grown used to. The story of David’s mighty men is definitely among my favorite parts of the bible… it’s so darn EPIC! If the story […]

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Those first few pages

There is something very strange about those first few pages that you read in a book… so many emotions and thoughts come to mind when I think about the experience of just starting a new novel: intrigue, judgement, excitement, loathing, disgust, pleasure – and the list goes on. After going through that experience a few […]

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Story idea: Hunt

This post forms part of my series on Story Ideas. This idea was spawned from a collaborative effort with one of my friends, so I don’t claim full idea ownership. In the not-so-distant future, there was a rather poor archipelago island country in the deep ocean. The poor people became disgruntled with their living circumstances, resorting to lives […]

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Humorous Fantasy: A Tribute

To me, it all started with the funny fantasy/scifi works. At the point of reading them, I did not even consider them to be in any specific genre, I rather saw them as pure comedy/parody. Only later did I realize that they were in my now favorite genre of speculative fiction (Fantasy and Science Fiction). It was […]

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Zorro is Batman

When it hit me, the realization about this truth hit me hard, like a chair in the face… if someone were to hit me with a chair in the face… but never mind the chair… or my face… this post is more about dark, mystical rich vigilantes with animal names than it is about chairs or faces. […]

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Story idea: Mere men

This post forms part of my blog series on story ideas: Background: Mere men is an idea I have for a comic book series. I have always been a fan of Batman since childhood, being especially drawn by the fact that he had no super powers. Somehow I find it easier to associate with normal […]

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