I work in the software development industry by day. By night I am an amateur writer – currently working on a debut novel in the high fantasy genre.

I am also a family man with a wife and kids. I try my best to balance work, hobbies and family without neglecting any one. In spite of the time all of my responsibilities take up, I found that every single one inspires the other. My wife and family inspire me to work hard at my job and excel, whereas my job inspires me to write and have other creative pursuits.

Currently, I probably don’t see my end goal as being a full time author. Writing is one of the challenges and creative outputs that I am trying to do and do properly in my time on this earth. I have written and recorded music and song, I have had a stab at game development and boardgame creation. I lost my childhood love of acting and drama, and I failed miserably at my attempt at drawing comics :)

To me, all creative works is an outlet of your creative self, and I wish to keep having that outlet in whichever way I can – combining them where and when possible.

For more about me you can visit my website: nicosmit.com

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