Epicness in the Bible

Creatives pull inspiration from various sources of other creative works. Some use popular modern entertainment (music, games, comics, anime) whilst others tend to lean toward the ancient epics for inspiration. Mythology is a very popular source of inspiration, and most fantasy enthusiasts I know study up on their mythology as inspiration. How many authors have you heard citing their use of Greek or Roman mythology as inspiration, or the ancient writers like Homer.

And yet, along with all of these epic stories, I still find the epic stories that I read in the Bible pretty awesome, and right up there when it comes to inspiration for fantastical works. Some christian creatives say that they find inspiration in the Bible… but so few ever bothers to go into details, leaving a wealth of epicness in the Bible mostly untouched.

When you mention the Bible, the stories that pop up in most people’s minds are the ones in kids books: Noah’s ark, Jonah and the fish, David and Goliath – but there are areas in the Bible most christians don’t even seem to be reading, and I found tremendous inspiration from these parts. So I decided to start a blog series about a lot of the epic stories found in the Bible. I will list them below and start linking them up as I write a blog post about each one. The list will probably be a work in progress, because every now and again I end up reading something super cool again, and might want to add it to the list then.

  1. The Nephilim
  2. Dragons and dinosaurs
  3. Jonathan
  4. The Benjaminites
  5. Daniel’s angels
  6. David’s other exploits
  7. Some epic angels
  8. David’s mighty men
  9. Awesome battles

One thought on “Epicness in the Bible

  1. As for me, the bible thoroughly blows my mind. Even Paul’s discourse in Collosisns 1 and 2 just leave me saying “Wow!” Is the bible hot or what?

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