Story ideas

As a creative, I am always busying my mind somewhere with some creative pursuit. I have conceptualized many stories over the years that will probably never see the light of day as an actual creative work: Be that novel, game, movie or what ever. So I decided that, instead of letting all those stories go to waste, let me use this space to document the ideas and flesh them out as time goes on. If all else fails, then at least these ideas had a place in the sun where I could brood on them and let them serve as creative inspiration.

I am going to use this blog post a base for this series of blog posts. All my story ideas will be listed below with a quick synopsis – but then I will link them through to blog posts of their own. Each story get’s his own post :)

I will keep working on this list as time goes on, and as more ideas take form in my head.

Some of my ideas:

  1. Wings
    1000 BC: An Assyrian shipwrecks on a mystical sinking island, where warriors fly on winged lions, fighting Nephilim on dragons.
  2. Hunt
    A small island country turn one of their islands into a massive free roaming prison for death row inmates. Everything on the island is recorded and aired worldwide. Betting on which inmates stays alive on the island the longest becomes a booming industry.
  3. An African police story
    An honest police officer from an African country struggles to stick to his moral principles when the entire police force is caught right in the middle of organized crime, blackmailing and political interference.
  4. Rockfloat town
    When humans finally do a mass transportation of people and equipment to terraform the planet Telavega, the single transport ship malfunctions and crashes on the planet’s surface. The people escaped the ship in time are left on the planet’s surface to start a new civilization without hope of communication with earth for a few generations.
  5. The airship havens
    An apocalyptic event leaves almost the entire planet wild and inhabitable. Most of life in the new world is concentrated on giant air ships that float high above the toxic gasses that cover the planet’s surface. But the luxury airship lifestyle can not be sustained without dangerous missions to gather supplies from the earth’s surface.
  6. Mere men
    After receiving a mysterious message, and following it’s detailed instructions, Jack finds himself in the secret lair of the vigilante known only as Paladin. He plays a recording made by the vigilante, explaining that these events were set up to be put in motion only on his death. The vigilante then says that he chose Jack to take over the mantle of Paladin, just as he had done on the death of the previous Paladin.

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